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In 2009, Xtreme Unisex Fitness Centre opened as a small gym of 1600 sq.ft in Tirunelveli. Today, we complete 11 years of excellence in this field and have expanded to an area of 5000 sq.feet in the heart of Maharaja Nagar with state-of-the-art infrastructure and training modules . The gym is the first of its kind in Tirunelveli in many aspects. The most disciplined environment which helps people to focus on the Fitness goals without any distraction as well as safety. However there is no limit for fun and fun activities.
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Reasonable prices & Exclusive offers

Professional Staff
High Quality Equipment
Well Maintained

> Bigger Gym & CrossFit at one building
> Best & Assured Results
> Individual Care & Best Coaching
> Hi-tech Equipments
> Diet counselling
> Friendly atmosphere
> Professional Clients
> Experienced & Certified Trainers

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